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Kiri is an English television presenter and broadcast journalist. She has been on our TV screens for almost a decade; in the last few years has been the host of the World Rally Championships new project All Live. Travelling the world as part of the 14 round championship, and bring every single bit of the action live and broadcast around the world. With her feet rarely touching the ground she is also pit report for the Speedway Grand Prix series, live on BT sport in the UK as well as broadcast around the world.

Kiri has covered David Hayes fight on Quest as well as World Rally Cross, She also produced and co-hosted football show, Jimmy Bullard and Jason Cundy Kicks Off, on London Live. Kiri also works for Arsenal TV, One World Sports and Indosat. As well as hosting 3 hours live weekly on Saturday for Fan TV on Sky talking all things football.

Working in the sports industry, Kiri has had the honour of interviewing numerous celebrities such as Amir Khan, James Degale, Perri Shakes Drayton, Max Whitlock and Gail Emms, as well as a whole host of Olympic athletes.

Having grown up in the world of motorsport, Kiri’s love for speed has taken her around the world covering events as they unfolded for the World Rally Series, the World Rally Cross and Ken Blocks UK Gymkhana Grid.

Kiri is also an established name in the fashion and entertainment industry. She has most recently appeared on E! The Royals, and was also lead reporter for TLC at the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kiri is no stranger to the red carpet and was celebrity reporter for Fashion One TV show ‘Front Row’.

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