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TV broadcaster and Journalist


As a TV broadcaster and Journalist Kiri Bloore has travelled the globe working in the world of entertainment and fashion. She has also made a name for herself as a celebrity red carpet reporter, covering world premieres as well as film festivals. She is one of a few broadcasters who were lucky enough to cover one of the world's largest events in 2011, the Royal wedding, she reported from a coveted position at Westminster Abbey on the day for TLC. Kiri continued her royal theme the following year by covering the Diamond Jubilee.


As the go to girl on the red carpet, Kiri has conducted exclusive red carpet interviews with several Hollywood personalities such as Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, Noel Fielding, Dev Patel, Robert Pattinson, Tahir Rahim, Clive Owen and Gemma Arterton to name a few.

Kiri cemented her name in the world of fashion with her blog Fashion Forensics, along with hosting at several fashion shows such as the clothes show live and interviewing the likes of I.D Editor Caryn Franklin. There is not much about the world of fashion that Kiri does not already know. Kiri is currently Fashion Editor of Viva London lifestyle magazine.

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Sports Journalist


As a sports journalist and reporter Kiri is no stranger to the sporting world, having grown up immersed in several sports, Kiri's skills and talent have led her to represent Britain in hockey as well as having an extensive career as a British event rider. Her family is extensively involved in the motor racing world and unsurprisingly Kiri's passion has translated into the screen.

She begun her career as a broadcaster for Motors TV following the touring cars and Clio Championship in 2007.


Kiri has continued working on programmes such as 'Sports Roots' and working with new talent in the 'British Schools Karting Championship'. At the beginning of the year Kiri was revealed as the new anchor for the prestigious Silverstone Radio and is currently part of a team developing a new Indy car series in America.

She also writes for 'Cars 4 Girls' as their Motor sport reporter on the ground.

Her interviews include exclusives with the legend 'John Surtees' as well as many others, Kiri is particularly well known for interviewing and increasing the profile of women in sport.

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